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Inspired by the four seasons of Japan, uniquely real flowers in the fragrance

We believe that living is an art. At Botanica, we want to create not just healthy home living but experiences of life. We strive to discover fragrances that are natural, providing you that calmness & relaxation inspired by the four seasons of Japan. 

What excites us most is being able to bring to you the beauty of Botanica scents, at the same time indulging you with the aesthetics perfection of how our product looks and feels. Because home fragrance should transcend more than just the sense of smell. To us, it’s the pursuit of that intimacy – The beauty of scent & sight.

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You can reach us by email at hello@botanica-fragrance.com.sg or via Whatsapp during office hours between 10am to 5pm on weekdays at: +65 9363 6955.

Pink has a welcoming floral scent; Blue is ocean breeze; Orange is citrus; Green is woodsy.

Pink evokes a loving mood; Blue is rejuvenating and relaxing; Orange is energizing and mood lifting; Green is calm and zen.

With a wide collections, customers get to choose by bottle shapes to match home décor, preferred flower layout, packaging for gifting and scents to match mood space.

Each collection has a different composition of ingredients with a different set of fragrance notes.

Liquid fragrance from reed diffusers offer the best way to appreciate the top, mid and base fragrance notes.

Candle and gel light are nice décor in the day and night. Ambient light offers the warmth and cosiness ideal for long bath and patio. Mildly scented so you can use at dining without over powering the aroma of food. Liquid fragrance from diffuser can pour on top of the gel surface to enhance its scent strength for scenting in the room.

On average, 1.5 to 2months for reed diffusers. Certain collection with wooden cap (Dewdrop diffuser and Wood Mist diffuser) will become scented after absorbing the liquid fragrance from reed sticks. Separate the cap and bottles with reed sticks will increase scent coverage in the room. If you put back the bottle sealer and let the wooden cap does the scent diffusing, you can conserve the liquid fragrance in the bottle a lot longer.

Gel does not deplete, remains decorative for a long time. Use the dust cover to conceal the scent when not in use. 2 x Battery model CR2032 are included.

Mainly plant-derived fragrances, combined with some essential oil. No alcohol.

Overall, the reed diffusers are water-based, not oil based.

Scented gel is cosmetic quality grade without animal parts.

We have gel and soy based scented candles.

Herbarium art in the bottle is made of real preserved flowers. The flowers are treated so will not attract insects. Flowers are long lasting. So if you refill the reed diffusers (selected SKU only), it will look as good as new.

Japan. Now we are in Europe, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore and growing.

Strategically our factory is in China to serve the market and export to other countries. Products sold are quality checked in Japan.

Products are sold in many countries. Many pet owners bought our products.

Generally rule of thumb for any fragrance products 1. Expose to your child or pet only if they have no medical conditions that are related to allergies from flowers and plants 2. Start with 1 or 2 reed sticks to test the new scent before scaling it up or down by adjusting the number of reed sticks 3. Certain pets like dogs are more sensitive to scent so choose a natural and less stimulating type of scent. If you observe the basic rules, it will be a pleasant and safe experience.

It is customer-oriented.

Product design takes into account matching home décor and colour themes.

Combination of scent mediums like reed diffuser, scented candle and gel, allow customers to enjoy a dashboard of control over scent strength, coverage and duration.

Herbarium art enhances home garden concepts and attractive to customers including those without “green fingers”.

Beautiful packaging are gift ready and products fit securely inside the packaging for travelling and delivery.

Active and engaging brand in social media. Has a track record of good reviews.

Look for Mr. Yeo. Mobile 93636955.