Botanica Fragrance Indonesia is a sole distributor partner from Botanica Fragrance in Japan. Botanica Fragrance produces high quality home fragrance products and are currently distributed in China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore and of course in Japan.

Inspired by the four seasons of Japan, uniquely real flowers in the fragrance

We believe that living is an art. Its simplicity and its complexity is a life-time learning journey. At Botanica, we want to create not just healthy home living but experiences of life. We strive to discover fragrances that are natural, providing you that calmness & relaxation inspired by the four seasons of Japan. 

What excites us most is being able to bring to you the beauty of Botanica scents, at the same time indulging you with the aesthetics perfection of how our product looks and feels. Because home fragrance should transcend more than just the sense of smell. To us, it’s the pursuit of that intimacy – The beauty of scent & sight.